Calendar Malaysia 2024

Malaysia is a country with a rich and diverse culture, and its calendar reflects that. The Calendar of Malaysia for 2024 includes various public holidays that celebrate the religious, ethnic, and historical aspects of the nation.

Public Holidays 2024

Malaysia’s public holidays are different from East Malaysia and West Malaysia, and each state has its own exclusive holiday, we will list it in detail for your reference. With having our app, you will not miss the latest information.

School holidays 2024/2025

School holidays in Malaysia are usually announced towards the end of the year before the next year. Every year after the government announces, we will update the latest school holidays on the next day in calendar app.

Kalendar Islam 2024/2025

Ini adalah Kalendar Islam JAKIM untuk Tahun 2024/2025 Masihi/ 1445-1446-1447 Hijrah. Apakah tarikh-tarikh istimewa dalam Kalendar Hijriah untuk tahun ini di Malaysia? Anda boleh melihat Kalendar Islam 2024/2025 atau Takwim Islam JAKIM di sini.

Chinese Traditional Festivals / 华人的传统节日

Malaysia is the celebration of various festivals throughout the year. These festivals are rich in meaning, history, and customs, and reflect the values and beliefs of the Chinese community. Some of the festivals also have religious significance, as they are related to Buddhism, Taoism, or Confucianism.

Calendar Malaysia 2024

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